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Alaska Brown Bear Hunt not so easy for Tim Buffington

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt not so easy for Tim Buffington

Tim Buffington of Adedo,Texas found out that some Alaska Brown Bear come easy, some come hard and some might not come at all. On his 12th day of hunting, Tim was just about ready to through in the towel.  "We were actually about to head back to our camp when I asked my guide Jesse, what's that dark thing over there?"  Twelve days and two Aleutian storms before Tim finally got his sights on this incredible 10'- 6" Alaska Brown Bear while out of Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King - Master Guide. 

 "We had found (actually smelled it first) some sort of kill, evidently made a bear.  It was all buried in tundra and dirt and had obviously been there for a while." said Jesse.  "May of been a moose calf or cow.  Hell , I wasn't going to probe around in the pile to find out when I didn't know where the owner was." said the veteran Wildman guide.  The pair watched the kill for several hours, changed position to watch from a different angle a couple times in hope that something would claim the carionage.  "We had finally given up and were about to head back to camp, when Tim saw something on the edge of the brush that wasn't there a few minutes ago.  Jesse confirmed it as a LARGE BEAR and they were back in the game.  Closing the distance to 183 yards, Tim took the bear through the shoulders with his .375 H&H Magnum.  The bear soaked up four more rounds and made it about 50 yards before going down finally going down.  This adds one more distinguished member to Butch King's "Ten Foot Club"  The bear scored 27-08/16", putting it well up in the Safari Club International Book of World Records, and our third largest of the 2011 fall bear season at Wildman Lake Lodge.

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