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Un Dia Padilla - Mario

Un Dia Padilla - Mario's Second First Day Bear!

Mario Padilla of Monterrey, Mexico, spent opening day of the 2012 bear season in the comforts of Wildman Lake Lodge.  This was his second hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  Mario's first hunt lasted exactly 45 minutes on opening morning, when he took a nice 9'-2" Brown Bear.  This spring, snow storms and fog, which are still plaguing the Alaska Peninsula, prevented us from reaching a couple of our remote camps before the season opener on May 10th.  But, late opening day, the passes opened up and Gary "Butch" King was able to fly Mario and the last of the early season hunters into their spike camps.  For them, the first day of hunting would be May 11th, a day into the season.

Mario and guide Logan Canton were up glassing early on the morning of May 11th.  They spotted, stalked and passed on a medium sized bear before lunch time. Seeing nothing else in the valley hunter and guide returned to the tent, figuring that tomorrow was another day, Mario was brushing his teeth when his guide Logan says "Mario, a big bear coming off the mountain across the valley, let's go!"

Hurrying out of camp, Mario grabbed his .375 H&H, which had exactly three shells in the magazine and an barrel empty. The hunter and guide crossed the wide valley, glassed the bear one more time to confirm it was indeed a big trophy class brownie and made the final stalk within 60 yards.  Mario made three good shots, but the bear was still on its feet.  Mario yelled to the guide "Shoot, I am out of bullets!"  Logan, confident that the bear was anchored well, handed Mario his own rifle and the hunter took the bear down with one shot from the guide's rifle, ending his SECOND one day bear hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide.  Mario's bear is very old and is a contender for the Ten Foot Club.  We will see after fleshing!

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