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Dan Dinges Downs a Dandy

Dan Dinges Downs a Dandy

We just got word late last night from our guide Billy Bullet, that Dan Dinges too a nice bear about 7 pm this evening.  We had one beautiful day, yesterday.  Butch called the clear blue, 50 degree day "A Bear Killing Day".  Hunter and guide are still skinning and packing.  With a Southeaster moving in, our weather will no doubt be wind and rain by tonight.  Some camps are already report 30 to 40 knot SE Winds.  UPDATE:  Using our ski equipped Piper Super Cub, we were able to get Dan out of Bear Skin Gulch after the storm subsided.  He took a great bear, which is now in the skining tent.  We will flesh and measure the hide, which is a LARGE bear, as you can see by the photo above.  This great bear was spotted looking out of its hibernation den early in Dan's hunt, but just like "Ground Hog Day" the big bear took one look around, seeing no shadow, went back in the den for several more days.  Finally, the bear emerged from the den, way up in the snow field above their valley.  Dan and our guide Billy Bullet, snowshoed there way up the mountain to within shooting range and Dan made the shot, earning himself an excellent trophy Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge.


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