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Mike's Mountain Monarch

“I want to hunt in the mountains”, was Mike Onak’s request. “Be careful what you wish for” said Gary “Butch” King, as Mike and his gear were loaded in the ski equipped Piper Super Cub.  This was no doubt the most snow we have seen in decades, setting all kinds of records throughout Alaska.  Mike and his guide Jake would spend the next several days high in an Aleutain Mountain pass, waiting for the right bear to be going the right direction.  For the next five days, the planned their snowshoe attack, but no bears were cooperating.  Mike was reconsidering his mountainous request, but Butch was confident in the camp location and persuaded the hunter and guide to stick with the program, it was an excellent location and would happen.  That night, they spotted the big brown bear, which was investigating the snowshoe trail they had made earlier in the week.  The huge bruin was nearly a mile away when he turned his back Mike and just walked away into the twilight.

Deciding to just “track the bugger down”, hunter and guide were on the 9 inch wide track at first light.  After two miles on snowshoes Jake spotted this trophy brown bear sleeping in the alders and was able to get Mike within 150 yards.  Jake said they had time for a sandwich, but Mike prefered to wake the sleeping giant, which they did.  With two well-placed shots from his .375 H&H and Mike had earned his Mountain Brown Bear from Wildman Lake Lodge.

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