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Record Book Alaska Brown Bear - Opening Day 2014

Record Book Alaska Brown Bear - Opening Day 2014

Wildman Lake Lodge starts the 2014 Spring Season with another Giant Alaska Brown Bear taken on May 10th.  This opening day bear, taken by hunter Mark Robare, will easily make Gary 'Butch' King's TEN FOOT CLUB.  We rough scored the skull at 29-12/16, which will place very high in the Safari Club International Record Book. Its a great start to the 2014 Spring Season.


Assistant Guide Mark Anderson and hunter Mark Robare decided to stay in the field in hopes of taking a wolf in the next few days.  The season is off to a good start with warm and sunny weather, unlike the deep snow that greeted us during the past several spring seasons.  This kind of weather should bring the bears out of hibernation at the normal time this year.  Below is a quick recap of the events of this hunt.

Yesterday, Just as the morning fog lifted off the valley floor, Assistant Guide Mark Anderson reached is glassing knoll.  As he brought up his 8X30 Swarovski Binoculars, he caught distant dark animal moving across a meadow in the distance. Once he focused his optics, it took less than 10 seconds for his skilled eyes to pick out the obvious characteristics of a huge trophy size bear.  This big brownie was headed their general direction, still more than a mile up stream.

Leading hunter Mark Robare a a brisk pace, the guide chose an intercept angle that he hoped would intercect the bears path a full mile down stream from the spike camp.  An hour of huffing and puffing later, the bear appeared nearly Mark had anticipated.  As it crossed an opening in the willows, the hunter took his first shot.  As the monster brownie spun, bit and roared from the impact of the first 300 grain Swift A Frame, he had time to hit the bear several more times before finally sucuming to the power of the .375 H&H Magnum.     

Five other camps reported spotting bears, and nearly all spotted moose and some caribou.   A couple very large bears were pursued, only to disappear before getting close enough for a shot.  Read more about bear hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge...

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