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Charging Alaska Brown Bear stopped at 10 yards

Charging Alaska Brown Bear stopped at 10 yards

The charging Alaska Brown Bear was stopped at 10 yards with a single shot from the hunter's .338-378 Wetherby Magnum.  The 275 grain Swift A Frame entered above the nose and took out the back of the bear’skull, dropping it in its tracks.  After passing up bear in the nine foot class earlier in the week, hunter Texas Jackson of Alberta  and veteran Wildman Lake Lodge guide Dave Daniels, spent the better part of their 8th morning trying to get within shooting range of a very large boar, but all their efforts didn’t pan out.  After returning to camp for a mid-day meal, they spotted this bear stolling up the far side of the river about a mile below their cabin and decided to take a closer look..  Their stock ended in an unexpected charge, which resulted in the taking of a very nice bear.  While skinning the trophy¸ the guide and hunter noted that this bear had evidently been injured recently in a serious scrap with another bear.  She had several bites and deep wounds possiblly inflicted by the large boar they had seen earlier that day.  This may very well have been the reason for the unexpected aggression experience by Texas and Dave when they approached the bear. 

“Some times you choose the bear and sometimes the bear chooses you” said Gary “Butch” King, Alaska Master Guide.  “That is why we carry large caliber rifles and shoot Swift A Frame bullets on our hunts.”

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