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Opening Day Alaska Bull Moose

Opening Day Alaska Bull Moose

Alaska Bull Moose are fun to hunt and a lot of work after pulling the trigger.  Dustin Delaney from upstate New York and his guide, Jason Semler, were flown in to a remote camp on the afternoon of September 9th.  This is an area where we see a lot of nice moose each year but very thick and brushy along a small glacial stream. Like Butch says, "Moose like glacial rivers, because salmon don't.  No salmon, no bears and the moose sleep better."  

Such was not the case, because a little after midnight, the guide was awakened by a moose grunting, not far from the tent.  Next, there were a few crunches of hooves on the gravel bar, then only the sound of the breeze rustling the tent fly.  But the young hunter never missed a breath, as he slept through the midnight event.  It was a bit hard to go back to sleep, but as excited as he was, Jason managed to get a few winks before starting the coffee pot at 6 a.m.  This time of year, it is not daylight until after 7:30, so they left camp around 7:45, just enough light to walk to the large meadow just behind camp.  After a quick scan in the wee hours of the morning, Jason spots an antler about 1200 yards down stream.  Just a couple grunts from his homemade moose call, and here comes the bull.  Holy cow...get ready!  Dustin eased a round into the tube.  

Just two grunts on the call and this bull never slowed down.  At 45 yards, it was take the bull or get run over. Dustin's .300 Mag bellowed and down went his opening day bull.  At 9:20 a.m., it was all over but the skinning and packing of this 60 inch bull, back to the sandbar for pick up and hauling back to the lodge meathouse.

Congratulations on a good job, well done, Dustin and Jason!


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