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     Hunting Clothing and Hunter's Gear List


          Hunt        Month     Normal Temperatures           

        Spring Bear     May       55ºF High to 25ºF Low

          Moose             Sept.      65ºF High to 35ºF Low 

          Fall Bear          Oct.       50ºF High to 15ºF Low

        Plan for these Temperatures, Wind & Rain!


      Listen to what Wildman says:

"Layered Clothing is best, avoid cotton clothing, Fleece and Wool are Best!"

"Your bag must fit in our Piper Cubs, so don't bring Cabela's BIG Body Bag!"







 Follow the INTERNET LINKS below to your favorite Outdoor Store or Online Supplier"


Clothing should be packed in duffel-style luggage, Keep it under #50 lbs and should include:  

     8 pairs          Socks                                6-regular / 4- heavy wool socks

     8 pair            Underwear                         Tops and Bottoms

     4  each         Hunting Shirts                      Wool or Synthetic blends

     1 each          Lightweight jacket               Wool or Wind Proof Fleece     

    3 each           Pants and Jeans                 1 Jean style / 2 wool or fleece

     1 pair           Camp shoes                         Running shoes or gum bottom slip on style

     1 each          Warm hunting jacket           Synthetic Hollow Fill with a water-resistant outer shell

     2 sets           Long underwear                  Wool blend or poly fiber  "Bear hunters "Expedition Weight "

    1 each          Warm Hat                             Must stop the wind and cover your ears -  (Bear Hunters)        

    2 pair            Gloves                                Fleece or Wool Gloves  "Bear hunters, Get the Warmest"

    1 pair          Hip Boots*  / Hiking Boot    We still like the Schnees Hunter II shoe pack for fall and spring bear hunts, although you will need waders for crossing steams on both Moose and Bear Hunts. Looking at what is available on the market  today, Wildman recommends the Cabela's  insulated boot foot waist high wader or a very similar product.  These (ez-pee) breathable waders will keep your butt dry when glassing and also get you across the streams. This is a good option, especially for a fall bear hunt where we try not to do a lot of walking.  Warm feet are very important, be sure and bring two types of foot wear and warm socks.

    1 set   Quality Lightweight Raingear   Wildman wears: Helly Hansen:  Rain Jacket* - Rain Pants  or   Bibs 

   * If you select a Hip Boot, You will need a 3/4 length raincoat or rain pants to keep the rain out. 

      Also, be sure to order your boots early enough to try them on and return them, if you find any flaw in the stitching or fit.

The basic camping equipment is supplied, but you need to bring your own:

            -  Hunting knife, sunglasses, good binoculars, digital camera, bug dope, headnet, shooting stix

            -  Rifle (300 Mag. Minimum) with scope covers, minimum 20 rounds Swift A-Frame Ammo.

            -  Quality synthetic sleeping bag with comfort range down to -10º F. (you'll be warm at 30)

            -  Soft gun case or gun sock, for rifle protection in our airplanes, 2 paper back books

             -  Day pack for carrying your lunch and raingear, mole skin, sunscreen (just in case!)

            -  Purification water bottle to carry with you on the trail, headlamp, flashlight, batteries

            -  If you smoke or chew, don’t try to quit on this hunt,  and bring plenty for the moochers

Transportation to and from the hunting areas is done by light aircraft, please keep your personal gear down to one #50 duffle style bag and your back pack, Tie your sleeping bag on your backpack and carry it on with your optics and valuables. Your rifle must be transported in a rigid, locking gun case.  This heavy gun case SHOULD be left with our air carrier in Anchorage, so bring a soft case to carry your rifle on to the lodge.  Your Ammo should be boxed and transported in your luggage. Liquor in spike camp is discouraged and not included in hunt.

Check with your airline for current baggage limits as well as ammo and weapon transportation rules.

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