Hunt Reports Wildman Lodge Alaska

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting at Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Posted on: May 30, 2018


Alaska Brown Bear Hunting at Wildman can be a beautiful experience as 2018 hunting guest Richard Barch of St. Clair, MI shows with this incredible photo of he and his 9'-3" trophy brown bear on the 6th day of his hunt with Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide and Mike Peterson.  This bear is well into the SCI Record book with an official score of 25-12/16 SCI.  Beautiful Trophy Richard!

Ten Foot Bear for Ten year old Boy Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Posted on: May 27, 2018


  The Ten Foot Two Inch Brown Bear taken by Wildman Lake Lodge's YOUNGEST HUNTER scored 28-3/16 SCI placing it well up in the Safari Club International Book of World Records. Tommy is pictured here with L to R, Butch King, Tim Niles and Assistant Guide Rob Bostater, who all helped to make Tommy's hunt a great success.  For Master Guide, Gary "Butch" King, it was an honor to outfitter a young hunter of Tommy Niles' caliber. 

Alaska Moose Hunting 67 inch Bull Wildman Lodge 2018 Moose Hunt Posted on: Sep. 17, 2018

Alaska Moose Hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge. Larry Foss took a heavy antlered 68 Inch bull Sept 2018.

Alaska  moose  hunting  at its finest for big bulls  at  Wildman Lake Lodge,.    Larry  Foss  took  this  beautiful  heavy  antlered 68  in  Alaska  Peninsula Trophy  moose   on  a  September  hunt  out  of Wildman Lake Lodge  with Master Guide Gary "Butch" King and Assistant Guide Brandon   Anderson.

Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 10 yr. old Tommy Niles takes 10’-3” Bear Posted on: May 25, 2018


  Ten year old hunter, Tommy Niles, took this huge 10 foot plus Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lodge with Master Guide/Outfitter Gary "Butch" King, on the remote Alaska Peninsula.  Tommy was accompanied by his Father Tim and veteran Wildman Lodge guide Rob Bostater when they spotted the bear across the river and high up the mountain above the jungle of tangled alders.  After a four hour successful stalk on this very old trophy bruin, Rob had the young hunter within 80 yards of the huge Brownie.  Tommy made a great first shot and followed it up with two more 300 grain SWIFT A-Fame bullets in less than 10 seconds.  The bear tumbled down the steep slope and hung up in the alders below.  The huge paw tells the story, as big as the boys chest.  Stay Tuned, the bear is in the fleshing tent and final measurement and Safari Club International Score will be published soon.  Wildman

Alaska Brown Bear - Successful Boat Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Hunt Posted on: May 23, 2018

Alaska bear hunting at Wildman Lake Lodge Gary Butch King Master Guide

  Texas hunter, Bruce Evans requested the Cabin hunt from Wildman Lake Lodge after a fellow Texan harvest the season's largest bear, 10'-8'', last fall on the same hunt.  This hunt is conducted by boat, from Wildman Lodge.  The cabin is actually one of the better glassing points on the lower river and with the boats you access to two more connected drainages, giving the Guide, boat driver and hunter a lot of country they can hunt.  The call came in at 9:30 PM on the 3rd day of the hunt... Brown & Down

While stalking a large boar with big sow, Bruce was right behind Wildman Assistant Guide Rich, on a late evening stalk to get closer to the two bears.  All of a sudden from a hole in the tall amber grass erupted a big amber colored Brown Bear, less than 10 yards in front of the duo.  Rich yelled, Good Bear!  Bruce cut loose with his .375 and after a number of shots were fired he had the beautiful yellow boar on the ground.    Bruce Evens brown bear squared 9'-6" with a SCI Book Skull 25-08/15.  Congratulations!  Sometimes you pick the bear, and sometimes the bear picks you!  That's bear hunting, expect the unexpected.

Ten Foot Eight Brown Bear - Wildman Lake Lodge Spring 2018 Posted on: May 24, 2018


  The Ten foot Eight inch Brown Bear taken by David D'Onofrio is out of the skinning shed and up for all to see.  The bear was shot on a steep, snowy mountain side at 40 yards, and proceeded to tumble townard the hunter and guide, as Dave unloaded his .375 H&H Magnum.  After getting two shots off, Assistant Guide, Phil Perry pulled Dave out of the way as the tumbling/sliding bear took out his pack and Dave's shooting sticks, coming to rest in a perfect picture pose in the heavy alders below.  Good thing, because Phil could barely move the bear to remove the skin and head, having to remove the quarters of the enormous bear before even rolling it over.  

David D’Onofrio‘  Brown  Bear  

Scores:    28-  10/16  SCI

Bear Hide Squares:  10  ft. 8  inches

More Bears in the Ten Foot Club

David killed Goliath Spring 2018 Wildman Lodge - Gary "Butch" King Posted on: May 22, 2018


May 22, 2018 - The Wildman Pilots were able to return to the Gulch today to drop in Brandon the Beast, to help Pyro Phil with the enormous bear hide.  Six and a half hours later, Brandon staggered down the tundra airstrip with 190 pound bear hide on his back.  Everyone is back at the lodge and the fleshing begins. 


7 Ten Foot Class Bears Taken in 2018 Spring Bear Hunting 2018 at Wildman Lodge Posted on: May 20, 2018


  At Wildman Lake Lodge, the first hunt was very successful, with five bears in the salt,  including these three large 10 foot bears: all new members of Gary "Butch" King's Ten Foot Club.  Taken by Dr. Ron Lanford,  Orthon Ruis and Pedro Lambreton.  We are equally as proud of our hunters: Oscar Rodriguez who videoed GODZILLA walking by at 160 yards from spike camp, after he had already filled his bear tag with a very nice 8'-7" trophy on day four and Florida hunter Peter Adrian who chose beautiful bear on his fourth day as well.

Ten Foot Club for Pedro Lambreton Alaska Bear Hunting Spring 2018 Posted on: May 20, 2018

Alaska bear hunting has never been better at Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary Butch King Master Guide

  Ten foot - Five inch Brown Bear for Monterrey Hunter Pedro Lambreton

with successful hunters (Left to Right) Orthon Ruiz, Ron Lanford, Pedro Adrian, Oscar Rodriquez.

Another World Record Book Brown Bear from Wildman Lake Lodge  with Gary "Butch" King,  Master Guide

10’-5”  Bear  scored 28-15/16 SCI.

Ten Foot Brown Bear for Othon Ruiz Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Posted on: May 14, 2018


  Excellent 10  Foot 2  Inch   Alaska Brown Bear taken by, Othon Ruiz  of  Monterrey, Mexico on a 2018 Spring Hunt at aWildman Lake Lodge,  Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide.

Ten Foot Bear for Ron Lanford Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Posted on: May 14, 2018


  Safari Club member, Ron Lanford,,  takes  our first  bear  of  the 2018  season.   Ron makes the 10 ft Club with this 10'-1" Trophy Brown Bear taken  with  Wildman Lake Lodge, Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide.    

Another Ten Foot Club Alaska Brown Bear taken by Joe Frake of Wyoming Wildman Lodge Spring Hunt 2018 Posted on: May 18, 2018

World Record Class Brown Bear In 2018  Joe Frake - 10 foot 8 inch - 28-15/16 SCI
Wildman Lake Lodge

Wyoming hunter, Joe Frake  takes  an outstanding 10  foot  8  inch Brown Bear  on the second day of his 2018 spring season at Wildman Lake Lodge. 

This beautiful trophy brown bear Scored a whopping 28-15/16 SCI , tie for 2018’s Top Alaska Brown Bear at Wildman Lake Lodge,

Gary "Butch" King, Master Guide

Hunt Reports Wildman Lake Lodge


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