Alaska coastal brown bear on the Alaska Peninsula

Alaska Brown Bear Hunts


Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

Our professionally guided and fully outfitted Brown Bear hunts consistently produce some of Alaska’s largest bears each season. The Coastal Alaska Brown Bear is the big brother to the interior grizzly bear.  Our hunting clients have received numerous awards from Safari Club International, the Alaska Professional Hunter’s Association and Boone & Crockett. On three occasions, receiving the World Hunt Award for “Best North American Trophy” and twice for the “Number One” SCI Brown Bear, out scoring all Kodiak bears. At this writing, our clients have taken five of the Top Ten Brown Bears in the Safari Club International Book of World Records and “First Place Brown Bear” in both the 2010 and 2011 Alaska Professional Hunter/SCI Awards. What this means to you, the hunter, is that this area has the biggest Brown Bear on the Planet! 

We hunt thousands of square miles of Alaska’s finest trophy Brown Bear and Moose habitat, managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources as well as two vast Federal Guiding concessions in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge. Combined, our hunting areas are about the size of Kodiak Island.


Spring and Fall Hunts

On even-numbered years, we hunt spring bear in May, and on odd-numbered years, we hunt fall bear in October. Our hunts are one hunter per guide unless two hunters wish to hunt together. With about a 90% opportunity to take a nice, mature bear, our success rate is high on trophy class bear averaging in excess of nine foot. Several bear in the ten to eleven-foot class are generally taken each year.  Although not everyone takes a bear on these hunts and not every bear taken is a ten-footer, you won’t have a better chance to take a record book Brown Bear anywhere in the world.

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