Wildman Lake Lodge - Alaska’s Premier Hunting Lodge


Hunting Lodge

The safety, comfort and success of our hunters are our primary concerns. Unlike most Alaska guides, whose hunting lodge is a pup tent, we have established a first class Alaska lodge right in the heart of the Alaska Peninsula wilderness. This is not a rundown rented shack in a native village, shared by two or three outfitters. Wildman Lake Lodge is a modern facility with a professional kitchen, spacious dining room and comfortable “Trapper’s Den” overlooking Ocean River and the Aleutian Mountain Range. Wildman Lake Lodge has eight guest rooms with showers and bathrooms, full time heat, electricity, and satellite communication including Wi-Fi, making Wildman the ultimate Alaska hunting lodge.

From Wildman Lake Lodge, we access more than 1.5 million acres of Alaska’s finest Trophy brown Bear and Moose habitat.  Four jet boats and four specially-equipped bush aircraft are based at the hunting lodge and are used exclusively to transport our clients, gear and supplies to and from our strategically located spike camps. These camps are checked regularly by radio or satellite phone and serviced as needed by our experienced lodge based Wildman Bush Pilots.

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